Driving Australian Logistics Excellence

We are proud of our multidisciplinary, dynamic, and resourceful staff, with experience in the commercial logistics services, supply chain and process management. Our team stands out with their commitment and versatility, always employing a customer-oriented approach. With decades of proven expertise in logistics solutions, each team member brings with them proven credibility which resonates through our 55+ years of history, connecting Australia.
Explore Our Services
Explore Our Services
OUR Senior Team
Founder & Director
Graham Schorer
Executive Chairman & Director
Mark Helps
Executive Director
Elizabeth Beltrano
Chief Financial Officer & Director
Margie Helps
Chief Executive Officer
Rodney Oldham
Chief Operating Officer
Jason Horvath
General Manager – Recruitment & Training
Robert Richards
OUR Team
General Manager - Quebec Couriers
Arthur Gordon
General Manager – ERS Couriers
Steve Pompei
General Manager - 3PL Fulfilment & Development
Shane Kavanagh
Business Development Executive
Adrian Jasmin
Business Development Executive
Daniel Graham-Prowse
Business Development Executive -
David Webber
Business Development Executive
Neale Heard
Warehouse Manager
Cyril Grealy
Motorola / Warehouse Team Member
Terri Lark
Fleet Controller / Customer Service Supervisor
Sunil Shah
Senior Fleet Controller
Derek Crowley
Fleet Controller - Quebec Couriers
Shari Sornig
Assistant Fleet Controller
Darren Wicken
Customer Service Team Member
Jenny Shields
Customer Service Team Member
Nicky Phelan
Customer Service Team Member
Troy Gates
Logistics Coordinator - Pakair
Benjamin Fados
Freight Clerk - Pakair
Sathya Manoharan
Assistant Accountant
Linh Nguyễn
Finance Team Member
Janie Trinh
Finance Team Member
Minh Nguyễn
Finance Team Member
Justin Tan